These are a list of frequently asked questions that I receive from new bulldog owners who want to take the best care of their new Bulldog Puppy. Since doing rescue I have been exposed to many different bulldog ailments. The below advice comes from personal experience.

Note: We are not veterinarians, nor do we claim to be. Nothing here is meant to replace what your veterinarian says, or should take the place of a visit to the vets office if your animal is sick or you have any doubts to their health condition. This is provided only as a guide.


Feed a Quality Diet. Bulldogs require a high quality diet, ensure that whichever food you decide to feed has a #1 ingredient as a meat. I feed Canidae All Life Stages. I start puppies out on Canidae All Life Stages. I mix in a tablespoon of Plain Yogurt and Cottage Cheese for puppies to aid in good bone development and healthy digestion. I also give a 500 MG Vitamin C tab to all my dogs once a day. You can find a Canidae retailer in your area by visiting their website Here in Virginia Beach you can find Canidae at one of Care-A-Lot Pet Supplies 3 locations in Virginia Beach and Newport News.


Use a gentle high quality Shampoo. I use Johnson & Johnson's (human) baby shampoo on young puppies and Malaseb Shampoo on Adults. I only bathe when needed. In between baths I groom with a Zoom Groom which is a rubber tipped brush.

For Wrinkles. I get asked quite a bit about what to do for tear stains and there are many options, each work differently on different dogs. To understand what to use, you need to understand what causes the staining. The first thing you will want to do is verify through your vet that there is no underlying medical cause for the staining, such as a yeast infection. In general the stains appear because the area is moist and bacteria and Yeast grow there. To get rid of this sort of staining, you can try to alter the PH so the bacteria/yeast cannot survive or keep the area dry so there is no place for the bacteria to grow. You can put Destin (Diaper Rash Cream) in the wrinkles, just be careful not to get it in their eyes or nose and it is not meant to be ingested either. Destin will keep the area dry as it does on a baby’s bum. You can try putting apple cider vinegar in their water bowl to alter the PH or you can try using filtered water or using a water bottle vs a bowl to eliminate contact with water. Always ensure that you are offering fresh clean water in a stainless steel or ceramic bowl if not using a water bottle.


Some things that every Bulldog Owner should have on hand:

Lakeshore Bulldogs New Puppy Tips & Tricks (35k/.doc)

Favorite Toys & Accessories

Lupine Collars & Leads
I get the 3/4" Combo Collar and matching lead. LOVE THEM - Guaranteed for life, even if chewed!

NOTE: We do not recommend Harnesses for Bulldogs.

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball
I get the 8" size

Kong Company Jumbler Ball
Both Medium/Large and Large/X-Large are enjoyed at Lakeshore Bulldogs!

Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys
An ALL-TIME Favorite - Just get the LARGE size

Lakeshore Bulldogs FULL Shopping List for New Puppies (800k/.doc)